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Get refund on NX if you bought it last week


New Member
Hello everyone,
I got my NX kit for $699.00 from B&H, last week. This morning I called B&H cos they advertised same kit for $629.10. Calling helped I got my refund of $69.90. Time to buy more batteries for my hungry NX monster. Cheers !!!
Neelesh Jethwa
NX, yes is a battery monster.

actually Contax released the P-10 battery holder (like a grip) accepts 2CR5 or 4 x AA battery, which can solve the problem.

But the holder is quite difficult to find.......
I found it in Japan only....
Really? I've never heard or seen anything about P-10 battery grip for NX. If true, that would be a lifesaver for me.

How does that work? Do you have to remove the battery compartment door to install it? What functions does it have beside the shutter button? I would think at least a front wheel for exposure compensation.

Thanks in advance.
It seems that P-10 really is a battery pack rather than a vertical grip. It doesn't have a shutter button. I was under the impression that it did have a shutter button, but atfter re-reading your post I realized that you didn't say anything about it.

Too bad NX doesn't have a real vertical grip.
Taylor, where did you find information about it? The NX really can benefit from a battery pack. After reading Manda Yu post I was looking for it and found nothing.
Juan, I found about it on Yodobashi's website for 12000 yen. It's not in stock, but I've been told they usually don't stock accessories. Couldn't find it anywhere else. There was no picture either.
That was impressive. I had looked in the Kyocera Japan website to no avail. Thanks!
Well, I finally got the hard to find P-10 battery pack for the NX. It is somewhat similar to the old P-5 for the 167MT, except it is bigger and bulkier. As Manda Yu explained on his post months ago, it will take 1 2CR5 6V lithium or 4 AA (lithium, alkaline or NiMh). The instruction manual states that with 4 Alkaline 1.5V AA you can shoot 70-180 24-exposure rolls (no flash) or 15-20 (flash in every shot).
Thanks to Taylor Kim for the information about Yodabashi.com in Japan.