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Getting all the detail from a negative



Some of my negatives can have over 140 lp/mm of resolved detail, and that doesn't even count the unresolved but visible (under a microscope) "overtones". I'm wondering whether any of you know of a way to capture all this in a scan. I understand that some drum scanners can go to at least 8k ppi, but does anyone do this? If so, could the adjusted file then be written to a large-format negative, or directly to a print?

Thanks for any pointers,
A hi res drum scan would be the way to go, and most pro labs still have drum scanners. Here is a link to BayPhoto in the San Francisco area for a point of reference.

If you look at their table, a 4x5 piece of film scanned at 3100 dpi would produce a 1Gb file capable of a 48" x 60" print at 300 dpi!

To answer your last question, a tiff file would be created which can then be used to print from (and any additional editing could be applied to).

Try "Googling" "resolution of film". You will find a lot of info.