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Good Cheap Source For GSystem Bag



Contax makes (or made, I'm not certain that the item is current) a leather system bag for the G system. If I've accessed a few sources online accurately, the MSRP is over US$500. Does anyone have a suggestion where this case can be obtained at a less expensive price?
Check out kenesisgear.com and check out the E330. It won't hold an entire system, but it's good for a G camera with lens. Not cheap, but not $500.
> You should be able to pick up a used bag for less than $100. It is a nice bag that can handle two bodies and three lenses. The lenses are accessible from the outside on the bottom of the bag. It is a nice
you can get one on ebay for $100-$200. Be aware there's a large and small one. The large one is for the G1/G2 system and is about 13" wide and holds quite a lot; the smaller one was, I believe, made for the G1 and is about 8" wide and holds less. The 13" is decidedly rectangular in shape (from the front), while the smaller one is more square, slightly taller than it is wide. Contax also makes a more conventional/conservative case which looks more like a schoolboy bag or attache case, which I've not tried. The small and large bags described above are excellent with easy access. Very stylish too.
If you have one of those larger, or smaller Contax leather bags for $100 to $200 I would like to discuss buying. I just bid on one on e-bay that went for $241. I dropped out well below that winning bid. Harbert

I bid on the same bag and dropped out at about $203. Maybe I shouldn't have. I actually bought a couple of other items from the person running this auction and picked them up at his house (he lives less than 1/2 hour from me). He offered me that same bag before he put it up for auction, although we never got to the point of discussing price. I can tell you it was absolutely brand new and unused. It still had the tissue paper inside it that comes from the factory. Too bad for both of us.
I'm the one that bought it for $241. It's a very nice bag, just not sure if I prefer it over the other Contax style bag. The small size of that other bag (see my comments above)is perfect for small video cameras and other photo equipment uses, including of course the G kit, while that $241 bag, which I've described as attache case style, works best with G1/G2 kit. If I decide to sell one or the other I'll check back here first and sell for what I paid. But check ebay, there's quite a few for sale. Because there's so many for sale, I'm assuming they were offered free or nearly so with G system kit at one time. Anybody who pays $500+ is nuts.
also, make sure seller has all the velcro inserts, especially the two large "floppy eared" center ones so you can rest your G camera with lens facing down, they're crucial (applies only to the small & large style cases, not the "attache" style, which uses 3 velcro inserts in bottom section only, and while they're nice to have for separating lenses, I wouldn't call their absence a deal breaker, esp. if only one or maybe even two is missing).