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Greetings from Jeffrey in Chicago


New Member
Just wanted to introduce myself since I have been lurking about on this site for a while and I appreciate all the helpful discussions. After a 30 year pause I am getting back to enjoying photography as a hobby. I shoot film, 35mm Illford HP 4 and Delta 400 and 4x5 HP 4. My 35 mm is a Leica M4 and I use a 35mm Summicron as my primary lense and use a 50mm Summicron as my "long lense". My 4x5 camera is a Harman Titan pinhole which I shoot mostly landscapes, architecture, and some portraits with strong natural light.

My darkroom is anchored by a Bessler MX45.

I am not exactly a purest as I do shoot some digital with a Cannon G9 :)...

Hi Jeffrey,

thanks for your introduction! :z04_whip2_1:

(I am running out of kisses here, so many users made today an introduction. This is so nice...)

It seems that quite a few of our users with an introduction today are still much into film. Great to see. Dead live longer! :z04_dance00: