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Greetings from Wodonga...


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G'day all!

Found this little bloom in a neighbour's garden and took it home (OK, I asked permission) to my studio where I can use my strobes. One strobe was used against the outside (top RH), with a portable off camera fill flash just above the lens.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs


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Hello Jim,

wonderful light you created there! There you have a wonderful mixture between shining-through light and incident light. :z02_respekt:

Is that a lily?

See you with nice pictures

Hi, Klaus!

It's a Fresia. The colours just got to me whilst on an early morning (daily) walk with my wife. And then when I kneeled down and looked inside it, it captured my heart!

A flash meter makes this an easy job as far as exposure goes. There was a little time required to get the "inside view" set up. Love these little projects.