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Hasselblad Phocus V 3.7.3 released


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Hasselblad Phocus V 3.7.3 released - Change log :
- camera orientation is now respected when running live view on X1D II or CFV II
- performance enhancements for multi-shot and 6 shot export and 100% view
- fixes an issue that could lead to images not being fetched from an X2D during tethered capture
- the checkerboard filter can now handle more extreme situations
- includes a large number of stability improvements

More details new features in 3.7
Performance enhancements
Big steps have been taken in adding further GPU support for image processing filters. This has been done to a degree that a lot of exports will be able to run entirely on the GPU leading to significant performance improvements. Results will of course vary depending on hardware but for reasonably modern Macs you can expect at least a factor 2 improvement. The optimizations will affect both exports and 100% view.
This GPU usage is still depending on the Extended GPU usage checkbox in preferences being selected.
Added live view functionality for X1D II/CFV II and later *
For the most recent generation of cameras we are now utilizing their ability to deliver a preprocessed compressed live view stream. This leads to improved image quality in overview and a larger detail view image. Also the reduced bandwidth requirements makes it possible to use live view when connected via USB-2. You will find a new set of buttons at the bottom right corner:
Auto - When active it will deliver a well exposed image no matter the exposure settings. When inactive the live view will use exposure simulation.
DoF - When active it will stop down to the selected aperture.
Focus peaking - Turn this on to get in-image indication of sharpness.
Be aware that as the final image is generated by the camera, current adjustments do not affect the live view.
*) The initial firmware release for X2D does not support tethered live view
Support for new hardware - This release adds support for the new X2D 100C camera and the XCD 38V, XCD 55V and XCD 90V lenses.
General improvements - A large number of fixes and stability improvements have also been included in this release.