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Hello All from a newbie-and some advice please


New Member

My name is Ujjwal; and I am an amateur enthsiast. My photography usually entails taking 'snapshot' - photographs of the places we visit, with a few of the friends and family thrown in. I believe even those could be made to look good, and the skills of photgraphy can be improved by learning from the mistakes made while taking htem

I own Contax 137 +28,50,80,135 mm glass and Contax G1 + 28,45,90mm glass. ( I do own some other non-Contax cameras as well).

Here is where I need some advice

My eyesight not being what it was, I find using G1 much more easy; and buying a AF or AF assist Contax SLR camera will be a great help.

My choice norrows down to : Contax Nx (or N1), or AX or RX.

I can see the benefits of Nx; but that will mean another camera system. The advantages of AX is true AF, balanced by its drawback of weight.

RX is focus assist, which , if it works well, could be good enough for my purpose.

As I said, i am not into sports, wildlife, studio, macro, very low light or classic portraiture.

So my questions - for an user perspective are :

1. How well does the AF assist in RX work? Is it similar in speed to the G1? Is it usable if I have, say, 1 min to compose a informal portrait. ( which is where critical focus is important, since I love taking portraits at very shallow depth. For most landscape, building type photographs, hyper focal works fine)

2. What are the problems with AF assist in RX

3. How easy, fast, useful is the AX autofocus?

4. How reliable is the AX body?

5. Which one will you recommend - RX or AX and why?

A lot of questions, i know, so I apologise in advance; and hope to get some feedback that'll help me make up my mind