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Hello from a new member...


New Member
I suppose I am the newest kid on the block. I just wanted to introduce myself and hope to meet some of the other members who share my interests. First, I'd just like to say that I am no photographer. I collect German 35mm photographica (cameras, slides, negatives, etc) from the period 1935-45. I am particularly interested in early German color photography (Agfacolor). Second, I have many early Contax models as well as other German 35mm cameras from just about every manufacturer during the pre-war and war years (i.e. Leica, Robot, Welta, Certo, Balda, Agfa, Kodak, KW, Ihagee, Voigtländer, etc). If anyone else in this forum has interests which overlap mine, I'd like to correspond with them!
My first camera related post will concern an unusual Contax II I recently acquired. I suppose I'll have to post it in the section that deals with early or historical Contaxes.
Until next time...

Dave (seekwhence)