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Hello from a new user


New Member
Hi from the US. I am new to this forum and would like to introduce myself. I am a semi-professional "fine art" photographer (that means I do other things to pay the bills and spend more than I can justify on photography!) Although I am currently using Canon digital equipment (I switched to Canon because I think the "look" of their lenses is more similar Contax than other manufacturers), I was a long time Contax user and still have great respect for, and interest in, Contax equipment. In fact, I still use one Contax lens and am interested in using others. I miss some of the characteristics of my RX like its incredible (what I call) hand-holdability. I could get clear shots with that camera hand held even at very slow shutter speeds. I haven't used many cameras that work well that way. Anyway, glad to be here and I hope to learn a lot and see lots of great Contax photographs.

Bob Tallent