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Hello From Canada


I hope you don't mind but I am not a Hasselblad owner yet. I'm slowly working towards the top but wanted to find a site to learn more about Hasselblads and how they can help me in the future.

Last year I switched platforms and purchased my first brand new full frame DSLR, Nikon D700 but my goal is work with medium format cameras in the future.

Hopefully you don't mind my questions.

Welcome here Darryl.

Hasselblad offers two lines of cameras that can both be used with film or digital recording media.

The V series made Hasselblads name as outstanding MF cameras with famous Carl Zeiss lenses.

Nine years ago the new H series cameras were introduced offering, AF, light metering and a wide range of digital backs and digital bodies besides film backs.
H series cameras are offered with Fuji built lenses but also accept Zeiss lenses with a suitable adapter.
Thank you for the kind welcomes. Yes there is much to learn, I'm really confused looking through the members images with the specifications, it's as if Hasselblads are transformers, so many different types and addons.