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Hello from northern Arizona

Hello, everyone!

I'm a professional photographer from Flagstaff, Arizona. I've lived in the Southwest for over 20 years after moving here to pursue my passion for photographing the Western landscape. I developed a slight addiction to the Grand Canyon and Colorado River in 2008 during a 5-day trip to the park. I was an Artist-in-Residence for Grand Canyon National Park in 2009 and then moved from Taos, New Mexico, to Flagstaff in 2012 to focus my efforts on photographing the canyon and the river.

I'm primarily a Fujifilm GFX user nowadays, although I started back in the 90s with Canon film gear before switching to digital in 2004. Along the way, I shot with Nikon and Sony and even jumped back to Canon for a while. My primary kit is a GFX 100S with the 20-35mm f/4, 45-100mm f/4, and a Canon EF 100-400mm lens adapted to the GF mount.

Thank you to those that have made this site possible. I used to be the chief moderator for the Rocky Mountain Nature Photographer group on the Nature Photographers Network site back in the day, and I have an idea of how much work it takes to keep the forums going.

I look forward to sharing some photos and discussing the places we love photographing.