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Hi from Sarasota Florida


Gary0319 here, Joining the migration from DPR. Long time MFT shooter (first Panasonic, then Olympus, now OM Systems). Old duffer that has the great luck to have a spouse that also likes photography and is also an MFT shooter, but it does get to be expensive whenever something new is announced. We are currently dabbling into video with aa pair of Sony ZV-1 compacts........Wow, this is different.

Have a great day,

Haven't tried the vlogging, yet.

I've always been a sucker for small compact cameras as a tag along when out with my larger camera kits and have had various small bodied cameras starting with an Olympus PL7 with a 14-42 EZ pancake lens. Follow on with a couple of Panasonics, LX100 (super camera) and ZS-100. Recently I was researching to gave a presentation to my camera club about the future direction of camera companies it brought out the focus on "creators", both vlogging and video......... so, curiosity got the better of me and my wife, and we decided to give it a try. Hense the purchase of the ZV-1's. So far it's been a humbling experience, both from the capture side and even more so from the post processing, but we are always interested in learning new things.