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Hi Ibm new



I'm new here and going to be new to Minolta cameras, just waiting for my Dimage A1 too get to me.
I'm in the UK, anyone else from The UK?
Also anyone know the best place to get a BF400 from?


I'm in the UK too. In Durham, perhaps one of the most photogenic cities in the country if not the world. I've only had my F300 camera for about 5 months and I'm still trying to get to grips with the settings. I've only ever taken pictures in places within walking distance so far.


New Member
I am here in UK too!! In London. Recently bought a Dynax 5D. Absolutely love it! It's brilliant. The only issue (actually it is not really an issue) is with the feel of the four way nav control at the back. Also there is no live histogram. Other than that its perfect.