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High Latitude Landscape Photography


I am lucky enought to be going to Gates of the Arctic National Park (60 miles north of the Arctic Circle) this summer. The maximum altitude for the sun will be about 40 degrees. In Dallas, the summer sun gets that high by 8:45 am. Does that mean the light will be good for landscape photography all day? I will also be near Trimble Glacier and Big River Lakes. I would be happy to get any suggestions on technique or location. The sunrise and sunset last several hours!
Hi Richard: I did some shooting in Hammerfest, Norway wich is about 300 miles North of the Arctic Circle. The morning light has a bizarre very white and transparent quality. The midnight sun, before during and after has a very dark copper quality; for some reason the film does not see the dark colours the way the human eye sees it - bracket a lot. No problem at all with B&W. During the day the light really hit, without being hot thus you dont have the heat generate distorsion you will find in desertic or tropical places or even on any temperate beach in summertime.
Have fun and good shooting!
Sergio: Thank you very much for your comments. I will certainly bracket. I am shooting color. Do you have any suggestions regarding filters in this setting, either for the very white morning light or the copper color you describe?