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How does 28mm Zeiss compare with Zuiko


New Member
I need a fixed length 28mm lens for my OM2n and have the chance of buying a Carl Zeiss with OM fit. Does anyone know how they compare with Zuiko. I generally shoot landscapes and the results are projected. I currently use a Tamron 28-70 and am looking for improved sharpness.
Hi Mark,

While I have no experience of using a 28mm Carl Zeiss lens in OM mount, I can say that results from my 28/2.8 Zuiko I would rate as first class, with excellent definition and contrast - also to all practical purposes distortion free. A nice compact and affordable lens IMO, although for landscapes I usually prefer the 24/2.8 or 21/3.5.

Hi Mark,

I also do not own a Zeiss lens with Olympus mount. But I do have a 28 mm Biogon for my Contax (as well as a late 2.8/28 mm Zuiko).
If I compare them the Zeiss lens wins hands down. My slides are more crisp, sharper, more contrasty at every f-stop.

The Zuiko is very good but the Zeiss lens is definitely better and you do not need a microsope to see the difference

Hope this helps,

Hi Mark,
When you say your 28mm Carl Zeiss in OM mount, do you mean it a Carl Zeiss Jena ?
The Carl Zeiss Jena (previously East Germany) is inferior to Carl Zeiss Oberkochen (previously West Germany), esp. after WW2.
Carl Zeiss Oberkochen makes lenses for Hasselblad, Contax, Rollei, Sony digital.
Carl Zeiss Jena sells lenses for Praktica and also as 3rd party lenses (made in Japan by large 3rd party lens maufacturers.)
I also know of some photogs have old Zeiss lenses (which they allege have better optics) reengineered to fit into modern SLRs.
Marc-paul and Garfield

Thanks for your responses.
I decided back in July 2003 that it was a Carl Zeiss Jena and purchased a Zuiko 24mm 2.8. I'm not certain i've got the quality i want although i enjoy landscape composition with the 24mm focal length. An opportunity should crop up shortly to compare results with more modern lenses using a decent projector.
I have owned a both OM 28mmm f2.8 and Carl Zeiss 28mm f2.8 (contax). The Zuiko is a good lens but the Zeiss is better, what maybe a match for the Zeiss is the 28mm f2 which I now own.