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I canbt open RAW images from D200 in PSCS2


Active Member
Can someone help me?
I save images as RAW+basicJpeg but cannot open the raw image in PSCS2.
I have no problem w/ opening RAW w/ my D70.
Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance



Look in the PhotoShop plugins directory and see if you have a file called "Camera Raw.8bi". If you don't, you will have to download it from the adobe website...the following will help you get there quickly:

Enter "Camera Raw 3.4" in the search window at the upper right on Adobe's home page (
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A list of matches will appear. Choose one of the first two depending on your computer type (MAC or Windows).

Another page will appear about Camera Raw 3.4....scroll down to the "Downloads" button and click.

Download and save the "ZIP" file.

UnZip the file and copy the file "Camera Raw.8bi" to the Adobe "plugins" directory.

I was surprised that CS2 didn't come with this plugin...I contacted Adobe Support, and they walked me thorugh the above to download it.

Hope this helps.

Erik Breden


Active Member
I answered my own question...
All I needed to do was to download the newest version of Adobe Camera Raw (which supports D200)


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Oh...I just saw Erik's comment above

Thanks so much,Erik!
It's working great now.



More on Camera Raw. Even if you do have a file called "Camera Raw.8bi" in the plugins directory, you might have to download the latest version to get support for the D200...that was my problem, too (CS2 handled my old D100 RAW files but not the new D200 Raw files).