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I hope this doesn't apply to us

When someone registers on a website there's no way to prove who they are or their age -- and that includes providing birth certificates. Between my wife and I, our two kids, their three kids and two of their spouses there are no two birth certificates that look alike. Think of all the jurisdictions that issue birth certificates and all the variations over the years, it would be very difficult to validate any one birth certificate. Besides, the law only applies to residents of Utah; you're trying to make chicken salad out of chicken manure.
Exactly. So how does a website comply with the law?
And it's only Utah today, but 5 other states are looking at it. Over 68 million people.
I don't have any thing against forums, but I'm not spreading my personal info any farther than I have to.
Any place that asks to see my photo ID held next to my face will see the last of me.
And your recipe for chicken salad sucks.
Another one -
The Montana House of Representatives on Friday approved a total ban on TikTok inside the state, setting up the state’s Republican governor to sign the first-of-its-kind prohibition into law.

and it was almost bigger -
Lawmakers narrowly voted down a proposed amendment to the bill that would have broadened the ban to all online services that provided data to hostile powers.

Hostile powers? That list changes every week.
And the lawmakers admit they don't know how to enforce it.
...and that includes providing birth certificates.
I've got a 69 year old piece of yellowish-brownish paper that says I was born but there is absolutely noting on it to tie it to me or to the hospital where I was born. No foot print, no notary stamp, no numbers on it, nothing...
To get my 'Real' driver's license renewal I had to buy a 'Real' birth certificate to replace the one the state gave Mom 72 years ago.
Just think, all those times I was stoned and thought my life was unreal I was right.
Another virtually unenforceable law, anyone who uses one of the anonymizer websites is out of their reach. If the legislators think that anyone, including kids, who wants to escape their law can't figure out how to do that, they're as dumb as I think they are.