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Ikon ZM lenses



hi, would the new ikon zm lenses mount on a 1957 M3? also, any opinions on these lenses vs. leica? particularly the wide angles sub-28mm. thanks. antony.
I am selling this Zeiss M mount Planar 50 2. Anybody interested ?

This is how it looks on a 1964 M3. I should think the M3 of 1957 look virtually the same as this 1964 version.

I am selling this one because I also have the black one.
In the past, Zeiss lenses do not have contrast as good as Leica at f2. This Planar outperforms other Contax lenses at f2, it is similar to Summicron 50 2 at f2 in terms of contrast and resolution.
This Planar 50 2 and Summicron 50 2 are very much the same at most f nos. This Planar is slightly sharper at f4 and higher. On the other hand, Summicron has better contrast, I mean large object contrast characterized by the line 5lp/mm in the MTF graph.
The colour reproduction of the Planar is more frank,whereas Summicron has the traditional colour rendition of Leica. The tone turns slightly more cyan.
In terms of Bokeh, this Planar is definitely better than Summicron. It has no signs of astigmatism except at the very margin of the photo.
If you like better colours, go for Zeiss. If you like better contrast, go for Leica.
I have Zeiss Biogon 25 2.8 of M-mount. It is extremely good. I am very impressed. I trust Zeiss in wide angles.

I also have both Zeiss Biogon 35 2 and Leica Summicron 35 2 ASPH. This time Leica is definitely better at f2. At other f stops such as f4 and 5.6, the biogon is sharper but Leica has slightly more contrast, though the difference is small.
unfortunately i have a 5cm f2 leitz dual range summicron already, a 25mm would be nice though!
joseph, just out of interest, how do you meter with the m3, do you guestimate or use an eternal meter? if the latter which one? thanks. antony.
I have an MP with built in meter as well. Out of various metering options, I prefers M3 with external meter.

For MP, I have to move my camera near my object to take a reading, I don't feel happy. In dark places, the light from the meter reading obscure my focusing. Even with my MP, I still prefer external metering.

For M3, I never attach the meter to the flash socket. I use a Voigtlander meter which is small so that I feel comfortable to take readings from my subject. Any small meters will do, it does not have to be Voigtlander. I have Minolta meter which I only use to take readings from flash, it is still too big for me.