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Image edited in Photoshop than camera can not see



Just purchased a DiMage Z1. I edited a photo in Photoshop and saved the file directly back to the SD Disk. I than tried to view the picture with the camera. The camera stated "unable to display". If I take the SD disk into the local digital developer (at Costco)will their equipment be able to open the image and print it? I did not change the format. It stayed as a JPG.

Thanks for any help
It makes sense to me that the camera may not display anything it did not take. JPG is not JPG is not JPG is not JPG, to paraphrase Gertrude Stein. Without the original EXIF information, and knowing the image does not come from the camera, I can imagine Minolta programmers decided that ... "Is it a virus?" ... then don't display it unless the file clearly states (a) it's from THIS Minolta camera and (b) it has not been altered from it's original sate.

The file is there, and your PC doesn't care about it's origin, I imagine Costco will also not care, and will see it okay. But, only Costco can tell you if they can read the resulting Adobe JPG file. Why not save it as TIF and keep as much of the original information as possible? Resaving a JPG as a JPG looses more and more information each time. If the camera can't read it anyway, I'd use TIF, and explore what Costco can read. TIF holds more of the original information than does a resaved JPG.

Good luck, and tell us more - keep us informed.


Love and hugs,

Peter Blaise Monahon

Minolta Vivitar Tamron Fujifilm Ilford Kodak Adobe Hewlett Packard et cetera Photographer



Don't know why byt PS saves files in JPEG fomat unrcognizable for some = cameras. I tried the same with my Kodak DX6440 - results were similar. = The same file saved with Irfan View and loaded to SD card then opens on = my Kodak.

>The reason is that inside the card, which is treated just like a hard disk >by the computer, there are sub-folders. The images from the camera are all >stored inside the deepest sub-folder. The camera only recognises the >images in that sub-folder. So if you place the images in the root >directory. It will not be read by the camera.

This arrangement makes it possible for more than one camera to use the same card, because each camera uses its own sub-folder.
> Thanks for the reply. I saved the image in the same folder that the original was in and the camera still will not show the pix.