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Just brought a Contax N1


New Member
Hello my name is Carole,
Could someone out there help me I'am in need of a Contax N1 Manual. I have always loved these cameras and Carl Ziess Glass. Got to start somewhere. AM new no the Forum.
Please email me at cahphotos@aol.com or hollingsworthcarole@yahoo.com
Thank You
Hope to start putting my photos up soon and making friends who love these cameras


Well-Known Member
Hi Carole

And welcome to this cool forum. :)

There used to be Contax Manuals on this page but I cannot really remember where. Okay, this was ages ago but still, it is worth a try. Other than that, I would not know where to look. Tried already a web search with the usual search engines?



Active Member
If you have not been successful in finding a manual as yet, try Orphan Cameras run by M.Butkus, NJ. I have been on the site a few times looking up points re various cameras. However, you can download the manuals, and all he asks for is a small donation.


Congrats on a great camera Carole! I am new here myself.
Good luck with the search; I found my NX Manual at the address mentioned above.