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Just got an M3


New Member
Hi Folks, I just picked up a mighty fine M3 w/ 50mm lens on Ebay. It takes great pictures...already tested it. Just one thing, though. Mine doesn't have the film asa (red) pointer on the back of the camera. How should I go about setting the asa film speed? Is setting it "really" important? Thanks for advice!



Dear B&B

Congratulations on the M3. Which lens came with it? The dial on the back door is only a reminder of what film is in the camera (if you have remembered to set it). I have never used the dial in thirty five years!



A treat you can give yourself is a photo-equip rewind crank $100 vs the over priced and poorly designed leica rewind MP crank at around $200.

It makes m3 usage a breeze. I love it om and my two M3s. Just my two cents.

Enjoy the shooting.

places to order the crank are tamarkin.com and photovillage.com.


I also just picked up a mint M3 outfit (close focus kit, 50:2 summicron-M, leica light meter, boxes, manuals and leather cases)... cant wait for it to arrive!!


New Member
I've had an M3 for about a year and it is an amazing camera. I picked up the Summicron DR 50 and it is a fine lens. I may begin the move to a total Leica setup as I am doing much more doc photos than I used to. It is a much better tool for such work than my EOS bodies.


Well-Known Member

Glad to hear you=92re getting on well with the Leica M-series. I=92ve = now been using an M6 for just over a year and have taken some of my best photos = with it. However, I wouldn=92t ditch the EOS bodies (at least not all of = them) completely. I=92m currently buying an EOS 3 with a decent lens in the = 200-300 mm range for wildlife and sports photography. The M isn=92t the right = tool for those jobs in my opinion. For most other work it seems to excel once you = get used to it.

Merry Christmas!