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Leica MP


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Dear All,

Its been a while since I have been on this forum - mainly because I have been using an Epson RD-1 instead of Leica.

I bought a brand new MP today and I can already say I love it! Its special and I am sure to put it through its paces within the coming months.

I have just one gripe at the moment, the rewind handle seems to bang into the flash mount - is that normal? I don't baby my kit however the rewind handle as already lost black paint and its only day one - its seems odd that Leica would have allowed for it.

Can anyone with experience in this department help.

Many thanks,

I know it's late, but I'm having a hard time envisioning this.
The flash mount(shoe) comes nowhere near the rewind handle,crank, knob, or whatever.
Can you explain?
sure - sorry my first post wasn't clear - when you fold the rewind handle in - the bit where your thumb rewinds the camera hits the flash shoe mount - look at your camera with as if you were shooting, the right hand side of the flash shoe will have a small dent. funny cos this never happened on my M3 or M6TTL.

its not a big deal!

Vishal, Sorry, my misunderstanding.
That would be the film "winding lever" not rewind.
I have had my Leica M6 for 15 years and on inspecting it just now, I notice that the film winding lever does in fact touch the hot shoe. However, given that the tip is made of plastic and the shoe is hard silver chrome, there are no marks whatsoever. I do know that black cameras tend to show wear more quickly and black paint, even quicker. I suppose Leica could have made the lever around an 1/8th of an inch shorter to avoid this.I noticed that if I angle the swivelling tip to avoid contact with the flash shoe, it then makes contact with the shutter speed dial! It's enough to make Oscar Barnack roll over in his grave.
colin, yes - sorry the film advance lever!

also - the iso dial on my MP seems different to that of others i have seen online and in use. my iso dial ring is only half filled with numbers, it doesn't have the DIN equivalent numbers - is that a new thing?

Vishal, It must be.
In looking through my MP brochure, the camera is shown with both DIN and ISO (top and lower half, respectively).
However,the M7 brochure shows a dial with only ISO markings (left half) with DX and ISO Compensation on the right.
I don't think many people refer to "DIN" these days, so maybe it's a sign of the times? Rather like referring to a lens as 90mm vs 9cm, as we did in days past.
Maybe you just have a very NEW version of the MP!!!
I bought my MP a year ago and it only has the ISO values on the right side. I'm a bit old fasion so I still call it ASA...