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Leica One challenge San Francisco


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Leica One Challenge- San Francisco

The Leica One Challenge San Francisco is on and will be held December 10th! Please join us for a fun day of shooting and socializing. Lets show our friends from around the world what we can do with 36 frames!

What is the One Challenge?

Started by a Leica enthusiast in Europe the One Challenge tests Leica afficionados by asking them to capture a special image, in one day, with the following restrictions:

• One Camera
• One Lens
• One roll of 36 exposure film (if digital limit shooting to 36 shots)

This year, on December 10th, groups will be meeting around the world to participate in the "One Challenge". If you are close to San Francisco this coming Saturday please join us for a fun and "Challenging" day!

Please see the attached documents for complete details.The Word version has some embedded links which you might find helpful.

The Short Summary for December 10th:

11AM: We will first meet up at the front door of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MOMA) to take in the "Picturing Modernity" exhibit, which should get the creative juices flowing.

Around 12:30PM we will all spread out across the city to shoot our 36 frames. Think ahead, plan carefully and make the most of every shot!

At 3:30PM we will all gather again at Taylor's Refresher, in the recently renovated Ferry building, to discuss our One Challenge adventures.

Both locations are within close walking distance of BART and other public transportation.

Please RSVP to kdemas@gmail.com by December 9th and I look forward to seeing a great


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