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Leitz 90mm F4 Elmar C



There is one of these on eBay at a good price. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Elmar-C, or has an opinion. I want a 90mm, but don't want to spend a fortune, as I don't think it will see a lot of use. The seller insists it was made in Germany, not Japan, and that it will work fine, focus wise, with an M6. Any opinons???

Marc, New York.
Hi Marc,

the Elmar-C is a very fine lens. I have used it for years at a Leica CL, now at a M6. The construction has been improved a lot, compared to the prior Elmar 4/90 from the 50es. In the early 70es Leitz Wetzlar used already a modern coating process, so the performance is great.

Focusing problems with the Elmar-C at M cameras are probably a myth.

And if you're mainly interested in results and if your budget is limited, you might also have a look at the Voigtlaender Apo-Lanthar 3,5/90 - similar construction, excellent performance... it lacks only the Leica brand, and you will need an adapter from 39 mm screw-mount to M-bajonet.

Markus, Wetzlar

Thanks for the reply. I thought about the Voigtlander too, but, of course, would like to stay with the Leitz, if possible. I might just go with the Elmar-C.
Thanks again, Marc, NYC.
Like Markus, I have used a 90mm Elmar C since I bought it with my CL in 1977. Later on a M4. It focused perfectly with the M4 rangefinder. It was very very sharp and contrasty. Unfortunately it was stolen!

Just a little complement that the lens do not work well with portrait as it's too sharp and high defination, girl will hate it.

I have an elmar-c and have no focusing problems. It is a small lens that will fit in almost any pocket - its cheap and performs very well. because of the f4 it is not ideal for low light situations but on the other hand it is very light and easy to hold steady with a M body - I first tried an elmarit but whent for the elmar-c because of size -
I too am keen to buy a C lens - mainly because of size and price. How much of the viewfinder does it take up? Is it possible to use normal filters with this lens? I have seen two ex&les in a dealer (UK based) for £180 and £220. Are these good prices or should I try and bargain?


The 180 £ is more resonable than 220 £ - In DK I paid about 180 £ for my elmar C and we have an awfull 25% vat ! so 180 £ should be max - perhaps you should bargain for a filter or a cap- Bring your camera to the store and try it on - it does not take much of the viewfinder but it takes some getting use to as it is a very little image in the finder on a 0.72. The filter tread should be standard 39 mm
Both the 90mm Elmar C and the 40mm Summicron C use series 5.5 filters. These are hard to come by. They do not screw directly into the lens mount, but are held in place by the lenshood.

Standard 39mm filters will not fit.