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Lens hoods


Hi all zuiko admiriers ! Can anybody council where and how can I buy lens hoods for 24mm f2 and 50mm f1,2. Aleksey.
> I'd suggest the famous online auction site. I have never seen the 24mm hood, but the 50mm f1.2 can take the same hood as the 50 1.4 and they are not hard to find.

- marc
The Olympus eSif lists the slide-on hood for the 55/1.2 as US part# 108-233, while the hood for the 50/1.4 (and 50/1.8, 35/2.8, etc.) is part# 108-230. The difference is that the 108-233 can be reversed for storage on the 50/1.2. I would guess that the 108-230 is just a tiny bit smaller in diameter, making reversal storage very difficult if not impossible. In fact, I find the 108-230 difficult to store on my late production 50/1.8 miJ. My s&le of 50/1.8 miJ is ever so slightly larger in diameter than my other 50/1.8s and my 50/1.4. The difference seems to be in the focusing ring rubber.
The Olympus eSif lists the slide-on hood for the 55/1.2 as US part# 108-233,>

I found the part number but where can one be purchased?


Well, that's a VERY good question. It's going to be fairly difficult. oBoy is an obvious possibility, but I would also check KEH and other sellers/shops with an online presence. If you belong to the Olympus list (http://zuikoholic.com/) you can post a wanted to buy there.
> The 55 1.2 and 50 1.2 are two very different lenses. The 55 is the older, single coated and takes 55mm filters, the 50 is multicoated and takes hood 108233 and 49mm filter. John, http://www.zuiko.com
John: My bad. I meant the 50mm/1.2, not the 55/1.2. Part# 108-233 is the correct part# (according to the eSIF) for the 50mm/1.2.