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linking 17MB file from flickr, in large size, not largest

But Dirk, I promise to try to keep my file sizes down ....

If you just embed images from Flickr, it does not matter for us. There is no files size restriction for embedded images from external webhosters
This is the same image in size "original" (8688 x 5792 pixel). Only with "original" you will see the Exif data with the browser addon "Exify" while moving with the mouse over it.

2O6A0592 Canon 5DS JPEGquality8 by Sandy Fleischmann, on Flickr
I think that the image quality of the "original" size vs. the one above is slightly better, even at that size (without clicking on it).

I have no experience how good the compression of Flickr is. But no webhoster compression can be as good as if you would do this in in your favorite image editing software and stick to 1600x1600 pixel