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News Lumix S9 - small fullframe camera not only for content creators

Don't think it is a camera for me. I'm not the target market. All the LUTs and video features are wasted on me. I don't do video. Not convinced FF, ultra small, and interchangeable lenses work well together. Only normal and wide-angle FF lenses can be truly small.

So we go FF for image quality, but then the 26mm pancake isn't sharp at the edges. At F8 it will also trade off some of the low noise provided by the full frame sensor. Have to wonder about the diameter of the 26mm. It is much larger than the glass elements. Seems like there would be room for an AF motor.

I understand the lack of flash or connection. The electronic shutter flash sync would be very slow. The Pentax Q has the same problem it has a flash sync of 1/13. Of course their top lenses work around this with built-in leaf shutters.

Interesting camera glad they tried something different.
The dust settles slowly after the announcement of the S9.

What I can see so far is that the S9 was designed for a very specific target group. Smartphone upgraders who use social media a lot, create short content themselves and want to have a very small fullframe camera which can be used almost in the same way as their smartphones.

I do think that this mission was accomplished. Clean design, not too many buttons or knobs, faster read out and transfer with the MP4 lite format, 6k open gate, class leading IBIS, modern AF and above all the new way to use and apply LUTs.

For me as a traditional photographer who rarely uses video, this is another story. BUT I would be still interested, if the price is right. For me as a photographer, who can not really appreciate the many positive things for content creation, values the product and its price more regarding the rest of the camera's capabilities. And for this, 1.699.-€ in Europe is for me personally way to expensive. But nobody forces me to buy it. There are enough alternatives from Panasonic and Sigma out there which I can buy instead. Like the S5, S5ii and Sigma fp/fpL.

The more choice, the better for L-Mount. If the price of the S9 will fall significantly over the coming months, I would probably consider to buy it, although I would use it for photography only. It is still an attractive camera also for photographers, if you know what you want to do with it.
here is a good size comparison:


Source : https://cameradecision.com/blog/Pan...ark-II-Sony-ZV-E1-and-Fujifilm-X100VI-Cameras