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M Series lense wanted


Well-Known Member
I recently picked up a nice M-1 and I'd like to find an M-series lens to go with it. If anyone has one that they would be willing to sell, please let me know. I'll take any focal length but prefer a 50mm, 55mm, or 100mm

- marc
Hi friend and congratulations,

You are referring at M-1 by Olympus, I guess; if so, I know it is a great piece for collector.
It was the same/early OM-1 at first introduced on the market as M-1; but since "M" was already a sign claimed by Leica, they had quickly to change it into "OM".
Hard to find M-Lenses separately; yet M-1 series, though collector-pieces, do not sell by too high prices: I know a couple of guys who bought M-1 by EUR 400-700, here in Italy.
I'll have a touch with them
, asking about lenses; later yet.
Thank you for checking. My M-1 is out to Camtech for a cleaning and calibration, but I would love to find an original M-series lens to go with it. I have now a very very early OM-series 50mm 1.4 from my very first OM-1, pre-MD purchased in 1974. It is a great lens and has been in my hands for 30 years! But the M-Series lens would compliment my small collection nicely. Thanks again!

- marc