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M3 and Summarit


I find an M3 in absolutely mint condition serial nº over 1.000.000 but it seems it was a long time without use and I think the lubricants becomes hard.

the speeds 1/4, 1/2 and 1 second are ok, but at the end of the sound of the mechanism is not fluid, the last "tic, tic.." sounds more silent and slow.

at the speeds 1/500 and 1/1000 the curtains run without leaving space between them. all the other speeds seems ok.

I'ts possible to say that is only a lubrication problem?

I live in Chile. Do you know who can do a CLA well done?
How much cost to do it?

It's better send the camera to Leica in Germany?

the M3 comes with a Summilux 50 mm pre 1.844.000 serial nº. (1.757.997)

Where I can find information about this lens, the comparison with post 1.844.000 serial nº, and the current one?

(please excuse my english)

thanking you in advance.



Dear Patricio,

Leica Camera AG does an excellent job at a reasonable price.

Leica Camera AG
Solmser Gewerbepark 8
35606 Solms
Germany ts@leica-camera.com

However I have just sent my father’s M3 to:

Herr Ottmar Michaely
Am Schieferacker 22
35586 Wetzlar

He is a retired Leitz engineer.

The best comparison of the pre and post 1844000 50mm Summilux is
in Erwin Puts’ book – Leica Lens Compendium

Best wishes,



Active Member
Hi Justin

Can you please advise email contact of Herr Ottmar Michaely? I would like to send my M5 and SL2 for CLA

Thank you

Joseph Low


Unfortunately Joseph he does not have e-mail, however his telephone/facsimile is +49 (6441) 3 18 41 regards Justin


Active Member
Hello Justin

Thanks for your fast reply - a fax link is good enough - I shall contact him about my M5 & SL2

Best regards and have a nice weekend

Joseph Low