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M3 has the maximal focusing accuracy


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I used to think M3 has the best viewfinder and maximal focusing accuracy compared to other Ms. At least in terms of numbers it has the maximal relative rangefinder base.

I got a x1.15 magnifier from Japan, screw it on my 0.85 MP and M3 with 0.85 M6J viewfinder. This new magnifiers improve the 0.85 viewfinder a lot. Now, it seemed to me that the more modern 0.85 viewfinders are better than M3 viewfinder. No matter how perfect the M3 you have, the viewfinder is slightly duller than the more modern ones. M3 also tends to have dimmer primary and secondary images in the focusing bracket. The minimal focusing distance is shorter as well.

My conclusion is the newer 0.85 viewfinders in MP or M6J are superior to M3's when you are using it with the x1.15 viewfinder.

My next question is how bright is the viewfinder of the new Ikon camera compared to the 0.85 viewfinder ?
I can't be absolutely agree with your opinion, I have too an MP and the 1,25x, and also a M3,. IMO when you put the magnifier 1,25x you obtain a bigger image but less brilliant/bright, than on a M3, the 1,25x make some "darkness" on the VF. Saludos cordiales, Luis
I looked at them again.

The two M3s I have have nos. > 1 million, they have similar brightness. They are the brightest I can find in the market.

There is the third M3 with viewfinder converted to M6J.

There is also a modern MP.

There are two magnifiers I am testing, X1.25 from Leica and X1.15 from Japan.

I do find the primary and secondary images in the MP and M6J being brighter than my M3s no matter which magnifier I use.

What do other people think ?
I have two M3s, one with the M6J viewfinder and other an original double-stroke. To my eye, the original M3 looks brighter and easier to focus. And it does not flare (the M6J does).
Despite your cameras being >1 million, they are 48-45 years old. it may be the repair-person who adjusted mine or Luis's cleaned the viewfinder, or it may be in the eye of the beholder.
But who cares? I would expect the MP viewfinder to be the best Leica viewfinder ever. And you like it best. Don't worry if not 100% of Leica users agree.
Relativley small differences in the brightness of the viewfinder have, in my opinion, very little to do with the success or failure of a given photograph.

Relativley small differences in the brightness of the viewfinder have, in my opinion, very little to do with the success or failure of a given photograph. >

Unless of course one has a vision problem, lack of sensitivity to light, wears polarized eyeglasses for protection or medical reasons, or eyeglasses when the sun is behind the photographer and the reflected light from the eyeglasses, interferes with seeing in the viewfinder.

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