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M6 Viewfinder upgrade

I have been quoted £135 by Leica here in the UK to upgrade the viewfinder in my M6 to that of an MP specification.Has anyone else had this done and has it made that much of a difference?

Whether or not it makes a difference really depends on whether the RF flare of your M6 causes you irritation or affects the way you work with the camera.

I live in a bright sunny climate and RF flare with the M4P, M6s and early production M7 I have used has been a problem and I have missed shots because of it. I can only speak for myself, others report having no problem with the M6 in this respect. It seems to be related to individual photographers working methods and subjects they shoot.

If flare is a problem to you then the upgrade will make a real difference and would IMO be worth the expense. However, it seems to be the fashion these days to get an upgraded VF even when its not absolutely required for a particular photographers on the ground needs. 135 pounds buys quite a lot of film.

Regards Craig
What would the turnaround time be on a job like this? What is the g/tee given? Would it affect re-sale value?

Apparently,according to Leica,the turnaround is approxomately 7-10 days.If I wanted to go the whole hog and have the windows replaced with the MP's multicoated ones then the camera would have to go back to Germany on account that they're hot-bonded in,for which Leica would want the thick end of £450.I think I can live without those!
You're quite right Craig-that kind of money buys a lot of film but I do find that the flaring problem always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time but I'm also used to using a Rollei 35 and I have become particularly adept at guessing the distance :) !
For that price you could buy a S/H Contax G2 and forget your flaring problems forever. Just a tongue in cheek suggestion!
Is it possible to change the view finder version of either the M6"classic" or M6 TTl to another magnification and if so what is the cost estimate? Is there anyone who's had this done?
It is definetly more contrasty, focuses easier and is maybe more precise (due to the higher contrast). It has wonderful coatings.