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Manual vs Auto Focusing of Contax G1 with Zeiss 35mm lens



Hi. I just purchased the above combination used and have 10 days to decide if I like it. I am always skeptical of anything that is completely automatic so I do a lot of testing to satisfy myself. The autofocus seems to be pretty accurate, but manual does not. If you just look at the LED the distance found by auto is never quite the same as with manual and they are further apart the further away from the subject you get. I plan on doing some more testing today with a 3 x4 foot chart (subject) and then photograph it at various distances on auto and manual to see what is going on. Right now, the auto seems much more acurate at close distances. Any observations on this topic or words of wisdom? Anyway I can tell precisely (without shooting a bunch of photographs and spending several hours in the darkroom)if the manual focus is not functioning properly? Thanks.