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Motion Issues


New Member
I have a D50 and am using a Sigma 28-300 lens and I am having some real problems getting clear images with any kind of motion.

I have tried the auto setting as well as the Sports setting and outside (for soccer) the auto setting did a pretty decent job. Inside for hoops neither has worked.

Any thoughts?
>You don't have enough light. So here are some ideas: Try a monopod. Open up >your aperture more. Use a faster shutter speed. Use a flash. Change the ISO >to a higher number. Get a faster lens. 28-300s are slow. You have lots of >options but, alas, most of them require money in either equipment or >education. Hope this helps some. Happy New Year!
I strongly suggest that a monopod will be a great help -
Also try panning technique, this enables use of a slower shutter
speed since the camera is following the motion.
I have tried this at Brands Hatch kent motor racing.
Best regards