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N mount wishlist again


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I read from the the other thread regarding the prime lens wishlist, I think it was in the n digital somewhere. What I want to ask is that a lot of people like the 35 f1.4 very much. I understand that is is a lot more expensive compare to the 35 f2.8, is it justify? if the n mount will offer this lens, it probably will cost well over usd 1000!

Most Contax (Zeiss) AF lense cost from $1300 to over $3000 which have very slow speed.

Lecia f/1.4 lenes cost average $2500 in US discount stores.

It would be reasonable, not a bargain though, if the Contax N 35mm f/2.8 cost $1000 and f/1.4 cost $2000.

Keep in mind quality (or nice feature in this case) is not cheap. :-(
lucky that I live in Hong kong, the contax gear here is relatively cheaper compare to us. the n-mount here is about usd~400(50 f1.4) to usd~1500 (17-35, f2.8).

for the c-y 35 f1.4, it cost around usd800, 35 f2.8 is usd300.

I don't mind paying for quility, I own 4 n-lens and it cost a small fortune but I feel happy about it.

However, it just make me wonder, since the 35 f1.4 is on top on the wishlist for n-mount, yet according to MTF of the c-y version, it is similar to 35 f2.8, does it justify with this nealy 3 times price different?

Sorry to be off topic but I am planning to visit Singapore and Bankok shortly. Can someone tell me the price there for N mount lenses as in India there is no official Contax delear.

I agree with a-Benjamin... I'd much rather have the f2.8 lenses: 25, 28, 35 and 85; or maybe an f2 duo as in the G series: 35 and 90, much smaller in size and diametre - an f1.4 35 would be bigger/wider than any 645 lens

Then I'd go N... Digital is still not where I need it.