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N1 Repairs


Hello all,

My N1 Body suddenly refuses to load film properly. It just spools the whole roll through without stopping. The LCD then blinks 00. When rewinding the film, the rewind stops twice, with the third attemp rewinding the film completely back into the cassette (I have the custom function set that way).

Is this something fixable by me or do I have to send it in for repairs. And if the latter, where to? Any idea how long repairs take?

Thanks for your help.



Active Member
My experience with contaxusa, ie Tocad was positive. I dropped by 17-35 lens and bent the thread ring. Contax removed the jammed-on filter, and replaced the thread portion of the housing, etc, Anything more than a minor adjustment gets sent to Japan for repairs, so you will probably be without the camera for three to four weeks.