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Need CY Mount for Contax Zeiss


New Member
Hi All,

I'm new to this forum, so I hope this is appropriate.

I recently Purchased 2 Contax C/Y Zeiss lenses
1 85mm 1.4 Planar and 1 50mm 1.4 Planar .
Both were remounted with Aaton super16 easy mount.
This was quite common as Contax Zeiss lenses are great Glass and
cost considerably less than Cine lenses.

I need to find C/Y lens mounts to restore these 2 lenses
back to there original Contax mount.
Anyone know where I can find 2 ?


Well-Known Member
There will be a lot of Yashica lenses kicking around gathering dust, as most users would probably take the upgrade route to Zeiss lenses when prices started to tumble. These could be cannibalised quite easily.

On a cursory glance, the only difference would be that the Yashica lenses used bare metal fixings and had a prominent red dot painted onto the lens body. Zeiss lenses, generally, used a black-anodised bayonet and the red dot was an indented mark on the bayonet itself. I don't know if there any mechanical difference in the quality of the two type of mounts.