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New CVF User


New Member
New CFV User

Hi All,

I am here because I recently bought a used CFV back, from somebody who recommended this site to me.
So let me introduce myself to you:
My name is Bert
I am married
My job is IT-er (Unix flavor)
I live in the Netherlands
I own a 501CM body with a 60mm CFI, 40m CF-FLE, 160mm CB and a PME 45 prismfinder.
Until now I only worked with 120 Fuji Provia film.
I do not have a darkroom.
To process the images on the slides I use an Epson V750 scanner, and I must say the results are good.
As said, I recently bought a CFV back and did some experimenting with the new Ektar 100. With both I am new, and I like to hear from other users.

Best Regards,

Bert Buwalda
Welcome Bert,

You may find some more postings about Flexcolour and the later Phocus software in the H section of the forum.

More and more users are switching to Hasselblad digital MF many of them are using H series bodies.
Do not be put off by starting problems with Phocus software.
It takes some time to get to know that software but once you get the hang of it it rewards time invested.
All software and updates are free and can be downloaded from Hasselblad.se