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New D300s And Settings For Astrophotography

After using my D200 and being very happy, I decided that I needed real video. And I dropped my D200 on a tile floor and broke the door to the battery. :-( I found a used D300s on Amazon for $160 and it should arrive shortly. First does anyone know if the time of the photo is the time of the shutter opening or closing? I take ten second duration photos and the D200 tells you the time of the shutter closing. I need to know very accurately the time of the shutter opening and the time of the closing. Also, I have been using these settings: black and white only, ASA 400, f2.8 on my lens. I wonder if they will also be good for video? I am eager to look at the EXIF data on the video and see what sort of time is recorded.
At least some people are seeing my notes.

The D300s is working great and I have gotten some photos in spite of the weather here, just images so far. I have collected some video at night and it is not usable (yet?) in part since it appears that the aperture is fixed at F16. I would like to use a smaller F stop if possible.