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New here, but aren't we all?


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I joined the DPReview forums before the site was known as DPReview... over 22 years ago. Lately, even before the announced closure, I had been feeling nostalgic for the olden days before Nikon and Canon DSLRs existed, so I looked up some of my own posts from the year 2000. Here's one, where I was exploring what can only be described as a preliminary form of GAS. Shortly after that post, I entered the hobby with a Canon D30, but over the years changed from Canon to Nikon, then from Nikon to Sony, then from Sony to Pentax where I remain today.

Quickly answering my own questions in that post by way of introduction here, I have 38 lenses in my Pentax collection and all are manual focus models from the film era. I carry my cameras and lenses in a Peak Design 10L Everyday Sling or in a Ruggard sling. I dislike changing lenses in the field, so I almost always mount the lenses I want to use on a camera before leaving, and then carry two cameras. I'm a Pentaxian, as I mentioned, and I use K-1 mII full frame DSLRs. I also have a (film) K2 and K1000. Obviously, some lenses get left behind, but I have a system that makes sure they are all getting adequate (monthly) use. I think you've got too many lenses when they aren't getting used, or if you're somehow harming yourself or others by owning them.

What about you? Questions from the year 2000: How many lenses do you have in your collection, and what are they? How do you carry your lenses? Do some routinely get left behind? How many lenses would you consider "too many" for an amateur (defined as one who doesn't make a living off their photos).
At one time I also had a huge stable of lenses and cameras. Over the years I grew tired of lugging them about and always spending time gazing longingly at new equipment. It dawned on me one day that my hobby was equipment - not photography and after a period of decluttering (euphemism for dumping most of my equipment) I ended up with just a couple of cameras and lenses and I'm much more content now. I vividly recall one day in our city photography club viewing a lady's entries and realizing that her award winning images were all (ALL) taken with an entry level Nikon and a single prime lens. She had learned to see as well as use her body as her zoom. We'd walk down a city street and she'd stop to frame an image of which I'd been totally unaware with my bigger zoom and bulky bag weighing me down. Uncluttered as she was she had time (and took the time) to actually see. Again, it was an invaluable lesson to me. So, for me... two lenses are plenty these days and in truth, most days I venture out with a single camera and a single lens. And the truth is... I'm just not into the equipment or the brands anymore... they're virtually unimportant to me. Best wishes.
Welcome, from SE Wisconsin!
I started with Pentax, then got away from it. Went to Nikon F, then Olympus OM and back to Pentax K in digital with a K100d, then back to Nikon F.

Now, I'm shooting Nikon Z and Olympus M43. Occasionally, I still shoot film.

As for how many lenses I have, look here: https://www.dpreview.com/members/5815036305/gearlist

Enjoy your stay.