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New NX user Some questions



Just got the NX kit with 28-80 lens 2days back. I have some questions.

1. I was using a Nikon F601 (6006) for the past 6-7 years and compared to that the viewfinder is dark. Why?

2. Compared to the Nikon how the metering is different in Evaluating (Matrix) Center weighted and Spot? Basically what I should be aware about when selecting the different types of metering, the behaviur differenc?

3. In Nikon there are 2 types of flash settings one is TTL and the other is Blanced (Fill flash)TTL. In NX there is TTL only so when taking flash pictures in daylight (fill) and indoors, is any typical things I should take care of?

4. Can someone explain to me the custom function 18 (as I have the 28-80 lense)

I have already loaded my first roll and taking some test shots. I am really excited to see the results as the reason for switching was the Zeiss T* lens. Will I be really able to see the differce in the photographs?



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Dear Raj,

1. The 28-80/ does not have a very large f-stop. However, the old Nikon can have a brighter view finder, and I find it difficult to answer you why it is darker. Mainly I use 70-200 with NX but I have used 28-80 for 2 rolls, and I found the view finder just fine.

2. In most circumstances the matrix metering works fine. It is useful to set the custome function so that you can see the difference between matrix metering/central weighted metering. Keep in mind that the "spot" metering is not that "spot". It is wider than most spot meterings on light meters ( i think somewhere around 3%-5%). That's why Contax did not use the word "spot metering" in the manual.

3. When doing fill-in flash with the built-in flash, simply dial the ring that changes EV compensation. Somewhere around -1 to -1 2/3 would do in dayligh fill-in flash. When used with an added strobe you need to set the EV on the flash. Howeer, with TLA 200 you won't be able to do this. Well, since NX already has its own flash, it is quie unusual you'll ever put TLA 200 on it.

4. Since the maximum aperture changes with focus when you use 28-80/3.5-4.5, the actual aperture will only match the one you set on the aperature ring when it is in 28mm position. Custom function 18 lets you to choose the aperature displayed in the view finder, standard setting (0) will give you the number on the aperature ring, while (1) will give you the actual aperature. Let's say you set 3.5 on the aperature ring in the 80mm position. The actual aperture you're using would be 4.5. Setting (0) will give you 3.5 in the view finder while setting (1) will give you 4.5

Of course you should be able to notice the difference. It'd better if you use slides though.

Best, Shu-Hsien