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New SD14 User


New Member
To introduce myself to this forum, at 64 year's old I've just bought my first DSLR, although I'm not yet quite ready to give up on film.

I've chosen the the SD14, which I got on ebay for £360.00, for what I've read about the colour quality of the Foveon sensor, the four simple exposure modes, the mirror up facility and flash sync socket.

Most important to me though is the removable Infra-Red filter. I'll be starting out on astrophotography soon (too difficult with film) and I'd like to try taking some regular IR shots using the Cokin A.007 (89B) filter I've used with Ilford SFX and Rollei IR400 film.

The camera came with a 55-200 DC lens and I've since bought (new) an 18-50 f/3.5-5.6 DC lens ... all ready to go.

Currently I'm using a Fujica STX-1 (fully manual) for IR and a Fujica AZ-1 with Ilford XP2 B&W film (all with Tamron Adaptall lenses) and I think I'll keep using the Canon EOS 300X with colour neg for holiday snaps as it's nice and light to carry and a doddle to use.

I've have never before participated in any sort of forum but I've had a good look around and it looks to be a brilliant resource and substantial body of knowledge willingly shared. I'm sure I'm going to have a few questions to ask and maybe in time I hope I might be able to make a contribution.

Is there an instruction page for beginners? How it works, how to include links, how to include pictures and attachments, etiquette etc.?


Well-Known Member
Welcome :)

Good choice, I was making many comparisons with other brands, and this camera can be the best in every situation (with same lenses ofcourse) ...Love Foveon.
I've a Fujica STX-1n too.

Here some help about Astrophotography:
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And some help and rules to post photos etc...
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Good "shooting".



Well-Known Member
ncr-gb....welcome to the forum...if I can be of any assistance to you please let me know...I have been shooting with the SD14 for several years now...and have tried some really insane things with it...:z04_photos:

I look forward to your work...

Tony C....:z04_cowboy:


New Member

Thanks for your welcoming messages and the links, particularly for the astro work. My next door neighbour has an 8" Meade SCT which I'm hoping to hook up to.

I hope to get started on some picture taking soon.

All the best, NCR.


Well-Known Member

The SD14 is a very capable camera, you will enjoy it.
I look forward to see your samples.