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New Summilux 5015 aspheric proved


I proved the new Summilux 1,4 asph. Well, what can I say? All the photos have been shoted at 3 p.m. in a iced, brilliant, clear day. Too much probably, The film was a normal slides Kodak press 100. Unluckly I cannot post any of them because I have no system for, but I can say you my personal impressions: The lens is crisping too much. And too much is my impression for everything I noticed: dof, clearness, separation of the colours and so on. Bokeh quite does not exist, every thing is in focus or very very in close up. 3D very good, but but... this is the point... it is a cold lens, it is very similar to a Zeiss lens (I have the Contax system too for this I may compare). It is a Leica lens, undoubtly, but, Impo, with a Zeiss pecularity.
It is not a painter brush, it is a Messer, a scalpel, a double razor.
Has anyone actually bought this lens (out of the 3000 members registered with this site) and had much experience with it?

I'm thinking of trading in my 24mm Elmarit-M and 90 Macro-Elmar-M for the new 50 ASPH and the 135 Apo 3.4. Would welcome any opinions. Jim
Jim Bond - I have both the new Summilux 50/1.4 asph and the 135 Apo 3.4. I am not a photo "techi" and will not be able to describe you the technical terms on the lenses.
I shoot with the 50/1.4 a lot and use it under available lighting. Though the 50/1.4 is costly [which Leica piece of equipment isn't], I have been very happy with it and I rate it as the best lens that I have ever used. The colour rendition is superior and the photos really stand out over others.
The 135/3.4 is also another outstanding lens with superb colours but it is not an easy lens to use due to the small framelines in the view-finder. I shot a roll yesterday with the lens on my M7-.72 doing portraits and it was difficult to see the upper lines of the frame against a bright back-ground [camera in verticle position] - hence some poorly framed photos. I also had the 1.25x magnifier on to assist me with the focussing. It may be more convenient using the 135 lens on the M3 though. I find it more comfortable using the 90/2.8 Elmarit than the 135 mm.

Kind rgds - Daniel
> > > Hi Daniel! The new asph lenses sometimes to contrasty like 35/2 ASPH.

That means lot of to dark area on the picture it looks too much smuttiness. We cannot see the visible details. Have you seen it on 50/1.4 ASPH. And do you have experience with the other lens? Thanks Gabor
Gabor - The 50/1.4, is slightly contrasty and gives very well defined details and pleasing colours. I shoot colour negatives most of the time and I still find this the best lens amongst my other Leica lenses which also includes the 35/1.4 Summilux. If I have to have only one lens on my camera, this would be it. If you can, do try out the lens at your photo dealer before buying it [try with some film and shoot in & out of the shop under available lighting].
I am able to share my experience with you on some of the other current M-lenses that I use, do let me know which you are keen on - that is if I have the lens. Kind rgds - Daniel
>Dear Daniel! > > Thank you for your reply. I'am working like a telecine colorist and I enjoy the strong blacks,with details which give the film feeling. I'dont like digital photography. Maybe the new lenses come closer to the digital feeling,but the new lenses performance are very attractive. I dont like the 35/2ASPH because loose the details on black. I'am wondering what do you think about it and these lenses 21asph,28/2asph,35/1.4asph, 90/2asph ,? Thanks for help Best Regards Gabor
Hi Gabor-It's Friday again. I have both 35/1.4 & 35/2 asph lenses. The 35/1.4 asph was purchased later from a friend after the 35/2 as I found out that I needed the extra stop for night shooting. Both are excellent lenses and I have nothing to fault them. I have not experienced the problem that you described concerning the 35/2. I shoot on colour neg film most of the time and I am still able to separate the details on black quite easily at my regular photo shop. Film used is Kodak Portra 160VC.
I do not have the 90/2 asph but use the current Elmarit 90/2.8. It is another superb lens that is not too contrasty, is light and very comfortable to handle.
I am sorry that I cannot provide more useful information to you on the 21 and 28 mm asph lenses as they are far too costly for my use. I do have a 21/4 VC lens which is very good value, very contrasty but it lacks the "zing" that my Leica lenses contribute to the overall picture.
If I understand what you are looking for [strong detailed colours], I think only the 50/1.4 asph and the 135/3.4 apo-tele that I have experienced meet your requirements.
>Dear Daniel! > > Thanks once again for the reply. It is very usefull for me because I'm thinking about to buy a M7/0.85. I have tried 90/2.8 also. It was superb for portre and that kind of feeling what i like. It is very smooth and it gives very film feeling if you understand me.Is this feeling close or far from 50/1.4ASPH?(mainly the bokeh drawing) If you are Leica camera forum member you can see lot of photos with 35/2ASPH. They were made on print film and I missed the details. And on this forum I started a page call " BOKEH of 50/1.4ASPH". I asked and got answers.If you have oportunities look up. Best Regards Gabor