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I have wanted to say "Thanks" to all, for so many of the helpful posts that I have read in the last month. The info and the posted pics are what helped me make a decision on buying an SD14. And that purchase has resulted in much happiness. I have had the camera for ~ 3 weeks now. Consequently I would say that my comments would be much the same as any of the other new Foveon sensor users. WOW!! the color, the range, the artistic capability. Makes me reminiscent of my 35mm film experiences and has awakened with fervor an entire new interest in photography, which just prior to a month ago I did not think was possible.

Furthermore, I look forward to sharing images with this forum and possible more.

Again, a hearty "Thank you!!", to all the members that have spent so much of their time posting their pics and sharing their knowledge of the sigma line of equipment!!

Hi Robert,
congrats for your new Sigma.
That´s what the forum is for,sharing info,experiance and of course pictures.
Looking foreward to see and here from you