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New to your forum. My name is Richard


New Member
My handle here is RichardE1951. Yes, I am an old duffer. I have been involved with photography since 1968. I graduated from RIT in 1973 with a BFA, photo illustration. I could never convert that sheepskin to a job though I eventually did get published in the Concord Monitor, Miller Brewing (internal pub) and for Stabile Company (a local developer and builder) in their promotional materials. I have just recently switched my prime interest from Street Photography, grab shots with a Leica M, to a more considered approach in Medium Format. I am rebuilding my B&W darkroom at the moment. I cannot print yet but scan my negatives for something to show. My concerns now are chasing the light, contrasting 0519 .JPG backgrounds, composition, and poses ( with people ). I have been working with a Graflex XL, Mamiya Universal, and Hasselblad 500c/m recently.