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News Nikon Z DX 24mm f/1.7


Nikon announced a new lens for Z mount APS-C.

The Z DX 24/1.7. It costs only around 275 USD.

Finally another DX lens for Z Mount. I am thinking about buying it for my Zfc. But Inam not sure yet. I would prefer a small and light 18mm or 20mm DX FFL with F2.0.

What about you? Will you buy it?


If it was a 20 f/2 and small in length, yes I'd buy it. A 24mm, I dunno. Maybe. A bit longer than I like for APS-C.

Another problem is me. Fickle buyer. The kit 16-50 works so well on the Zfc that I wonder about if I need faster primes. Further, the Z5 FF is so small with it's 28 f/2.8 I sometimes just use it.

First world problems..... Aren't we so lucky with so many fabulous options.


For me, as an FX shooter, this is an important release for the Z ecosystem because it gives DX shooters what they've been asking for for a long time: a 35mm equivalent prime. We never really had this option in the f-mount version. But now I'm thinking I could grab a Zfc, black edition preferably, slap this lens or the even smaller 26 on it, and have a delightfully small, grab and go camera to have on me all the time. It'd be even better if the DX setup used the same batteries and cards as my Z6, but nevertheless this announcement I think is good news for Nikon z shooters.