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News Nikon Z8

Nice to have the lineup filling out. Next up, a Zf and a Z90.

Looking at the Z8 next to the Z9, it's clear that Nikon could have released both bodies at the same time. Call me cynical, but I suspect they held the Z8 back to let the Z9 sell. But I guess that's the risk of buying into a new product line as it's being developed. I started with the Z6 and bought lenses as they became available, which meant I bought the 24-70 f/4 before knowing there'd be a 24-120 and bought the 35 and 50 before knowing there'd be a 40 (which is better than my old f-mount 50mm f/1.8 G, and is significantly smaller and lighter than the S-line primes).

Anyway, I'm not complaining. I'm glad the Z8 is finally here. I think it'll sell well and will be good for the Z ecosystem.
Even DPR reviewed it!

I was gonna wait until the Z version of the D500 came out. Wavered when the Canon R7 was released, and wavered even more when the Fujifilm XH-2S came out.

But at that price, for a FF body that has all the tech and half the bulk...yes, please. Pre-ordered today.
Nice to have the lineup filling out. Next up, a Zf and a Z90.
Hope u r right about both. More interested in the Z version of the D500 than I am in a FF version of the Z fc.

But I won't be able to afford either after pre-ordering the Z8 today, so somewhat of a moot point ;)
I’m looking forward to the Z8. I currently have a Z9 and it’s just too big for me. I personally got caught up in the hype and sold by Z6II and Z7II. Wish I had kept those and waited for the Z8. Think it will be a great camera.
For me, the big problem with the Z9 was always its size. So I bought the Z7ii because I wanted a second body (my other is a D500) as a 'walking about' camera. For my needs, the Z7ii is great as is the D500 which still has a few years left in it. In addition, I'm not really an 'early adopter'. Will I buy a Z8? Maybe but not until I'm ready to replace my existing combo and not until I've seen the experience of 'normal' users (i.e. not Nikon's tame reviewers).

But at that price, for a FF body that has all the tech and half the bulk...yes, please...

I'm not sure about "half the bulk". Nikon claims that the Z8 is 30% smaller than a Z9 and 15% smaller than a D850, but here are Nikon's specs on each...

D850 - 32.3 oz, 5.8" W x 4.9" H
Z8 - 32.1 oz, 5.7" W x 4.7" H
Z9 - 47.3 oz, 5.9" W x 5.9" H

But of course, like other Nikon flagship cameras the Z9 has a built-in grip. If you add the MB-N12 to the Z8 the weight goes up by 10.5 oz without batteries, or 17oz with two batteries.