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NookyHesum on IIIf w50mm Sumitar



I recently acquired a Nooky-Hesum which I intend to use on my Leica IIIf RDST with a 50mm f2 Sumitar. The inscription on the fron of the Nooky-Hesum indicates that it can be used with the lens I have. Can someone please tell me how to attach the lens to this device and how to use it? Anyone have printed instructions?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Jerry Plemons - a new forum member.
Dear Jerry,

Fit the Nooky-Hesum to the camera. Collapse the lens and use the bayonet flanges at the rear of the collapsed lens to attached to the Nooky-Hesum. After that you focus as normal but in the close-up range.

Enjoy your Nooky.



PS E-mail me off-Forum and I will scan and send a copy of the Instructions. I thought a Nooky was instinctive.
Email me direct at awahlster@aol.com and I can send you most of the insturction sheet that came with this item I have one and use it with my IIIf RD and 5cm f2.0 Summitar. If you really need more then the sheet I can send you has, try looking in an old Leica way manual there is some stuff on the close-up devices in them I have the 1951 version and it shows this combo. Mark W.

Oh to attach the lens collapse it then bayonet it into the Nooky Hessum and then screw the whole mess on to the body the frame for the viewfinder should line up and then you just focus normally with the scale on the Nooky Hessum.
> Jerry: I am intrigued to know what you like especially about the IIIfRDST/Summitar combo, what meter you use, and what pictures you plan to take with the Nooky. Sounds interesting!
I have been a fan of Leicas since the early 1960s when I had M3s, an assortment of lenses, and a visoflex. I've always been interested in nature macro photography, especially flowers and insects. For the last two or three years I have used a Canon D60 and 10D, which are great cameras. But I miss the discipline that a purely mechanical camera enforces, both in composition and technical execution, e.g., exposure, film development, etc. Thus, the close up device. I chose the IIIf over an M-series, just because I've always wanted one and it was a relatively inexpensive way to get back into a Leica. If you would like to see the types of photography I do, here's a link to Fred Miranda's website where I have some images posted in the hosting gallery.


Thanks to Justin and Mark. Instructions arrived and were very helpful. I really appreciate your assistance. Now, if I can just produce some good images......I'll post something!