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Olympus E system lenses


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Hello out there,
I just wondered if anyone had any experience of the new Olympus E system lenses ("4/3rds") a propos Zeiss manual and G lenses. The new Olympus lenses seem mainly to be fast (the speed appeals) zooms at the moment but the range is expanding. I do have a pair of Olympus binoculars which are excellent.
The E system quite appeals because of the small size of the cameras and the dust trap for the sensor.


Hello John,

I think we've touched on this subject a few months ago. Since then I have bought myself an E1 and the adapter from cameraquest.

To answer your question, I do believe they are appropriate -although I have to admit I had to look up "a propos"!!

The fit with the adapter and my MM-lenses is excellent. Meter reading is by stoping down. However at small apertures the image becomes very dark, so I compose at the wide apertures and then stop down.

I'm still getting to grips with the E1 and I have to admit the 14-54mm lens that came with it is excellent.

If I knew how to post images, I'd post some ex&les using the various lenses I have. But if there is anything I can show you, or you want to know about, please let me know.

In summary, I am pleased with my purchase - I would have preferred a Digital RX - but for now, I'm happy snapping away with Zeiss lenses on the E1.

Cheers, Saras


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Hi Saras,
Thanks for your reply. Yes I remember we did chat along these lines a while ago.
I'm glad your new Olympus/Zeiss arrangement is going well. I'd actually forgotten that you could add the Zeiss lenses via an adapter and I'll look into that idea again as well.
Interesting too that you are pleased with the lens which came with it. The zooms have such a wide short end in 35mm terms that I had wondered.
A digital RX would be wonderful.
All the best,


Hi Saras,

I guess we would be all very intersted in seeing s&le pics

You only have to decrease KB and Pixel size of your image. The best way is to decrease first the Pixel size to a maximum of 800 Pixel on the longest side. After that you can select with photoshop "save for web..." and reduce there the KB size to a maximum of 130 KB.

After that you go here in this thread and click below the message field on "insert image". Thats all.

If you upload more than one picture in one posting, please put the images below each other (hit twice the returm key as in a microsoft word after each inserted code).

Otherwise we have to scroll miles to the right



Hi Dirk,

Thanks for that. I'll get some comparison shots together and post them soon.

If I have any problems posting, I'll let you know.

Best Regards, Saras


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I missed the earlier conversation. The Olympus E1 and now the cheaper Evolt get good marks all around. Since it is so-called "full frame" sensor what is the conversion factor when using a converter for C/Y lenses. I apologize if this is going over old ground.


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Are the Contax N system lenses usuable with any of the current DSLRs? Has anyone tried that? Are there any converters or adapters?



> The E1 is a 2x crop compared to 35mm. The 14-54 standard lens is > great but it becomes a 28-108 with respect to FOV. The only thing I > didn't like about the E1 is that you never can get the subject > isolation in the 35-70mm (35mm terms) range because you are shooting > with a 17-35 f2.8-3.1. They make a very nice 50mmf2 macro but it > becomes a 100f2 for FOV which would put me back a ways for my kid > picture taking.


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Has anybody used the new Olympus Evolt E-300? I used the E1 and liked it
... but thought it needed more megapixels. The Evolt has an 8 MB sensor and
seems pretty will made. Also, any rumours on any new digital camera bodies
coming out by Olympus? I priced an Evolt yesterday and it was only $850 with
an 14 to 45 mm Zuiko lens.



i own a E-300 a couple months. it's work well with Carl Zeiss lens and fell much better than my previous DSLR - Canon 300D.