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Olympus E500 lens



Hello everyone. Let me frist start off by telling you that I pretty new at digital SLR photography and already I'm frustrated . I am looking to buy a wide angle lens and/or telephoto lens for my E500 however I am not willing to spend a lot of money on them either. I do not intend to go professional, but still want the ability to produce different effects. I'll even buy thru ebay however I just don't know what fits my camera or what I need to get so that certain lenses can fit onto my camera. I saw on B&H there was a wide angle lens for $99 (Sigma Zoom Super Wide Angle 18-50mm f/3.5-5.6 DC G Autofocus Lens for Olympus Digital Cameras (Four Thirds System)...is this something I should look into or should I not waste my time on it? I just don't want to get duped into buying something expensive and don't need. And for the telephoto lens, I saw this at B&H - Sigma Zoom Normal-Telephoto 55-200mm f/4-5.6 DC Autofocus Lens for Olympus Digital Cameras (Four Thirds System).
> The Sigmas are not quite up to the standard of the native Olympus > Zuiko lenses and they are less robust, hence the lower prices. But > they are it seems pretty good value for money for someone who does not > intend going professional. Just do not drop them down a mountain! > If you have a good camera like the Olympus 500 I would not spoil your > enjoyment by getting anythin cheaper. There are cheaper lenses on the > market but I would not bother. If you are used to Olympus or other > manual focus lenses, a cheaper alternative compromise is to buy OM2 > lenses from ebay sellers and an adapter ring from China on Ebay. Look > for Adapter lenses Olympus OM on E-1/300/500. It is half the cost of > Olympus' own model. It will cut your operating options such as auto > focus but is a worthy solution.
> Yes, the most important item on your camera is the lens you use. You gain nothing from buying lenses because the initial price is low. I've been servicxing Olympus OM since 1977 and always recommend original Olympus Zuiko's first. These days, though it's hard to know what you're buying. For ex&le digital lenses that are marked with the Nikon name, may actually be private labeled for them by Tamron. John http://www.zuiko.com