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Panning with 10D



I am so frustrated w/ my Powershot S50 because it takes so long to focus on an object that it is IMPOSSIBLE to take any panning shots. I would like to upgrade from EOS Elan 7 to 10D; however, if I'm going to experience the same problem with AF as my Powershot S50, it will not be worth the upgrade. Does 10D work the same way as the film EOS cameras? I've never worked with Digital SLR's and I am assuming they work the same as Film SLR. How is the AF and shutter release? Are they same or significantly slower than Film SLR?

Thanks in advance.
The Canon 10D is excellent for panning shots, in fact I obtained outstanding images of running animals and flying birds in my recent trip to Kenya which I was not able to obtain with film cameras. I used it with 100-400 mm IS lens. I am very satisfied with the images, the only slight annoyance is that it takes a few seconds to energize after pressing the shutter, once it is active, the camera is very fast.

Please forgive me ignorance, but can you please explain what you mean by "a few seconds to energize"? And does this happen each time you press the shutter or only on the first shot?

What I mean is that with the main power switch is left on, after a period of time the camera goes into an sleeping mode to save batteries. While in this mode, when you press the shutter to take a photo, there is a delay of a few seconds. This means that for action photography, you may miss the shot. Yes, annoying. I have an S40 and I know what your experience is with the S50 but the 10D is totally in a different class.

Michael, Panning is no problem for the 10D. It shoots really fast. Try the = burst mode that works nice with panning. If you get a Canon IS lens = make sure the setting is set for panning. Also did you know that canon = is selling the new Canon EOS Digital Rebel. Same 6.3 megapixel. Lighter = body and smaller price tag. Good luck. = John =
Look, I feel I should add to ESOJO's explanations. If the IS is off, then the 10D is lightning fast (I guess... I'm aware of no test directly comparing lightning to 10D...). If the IS is on and you simply point and shoot then yes, there is some delay as the gyros start going; HOWEVER if you press the shutter half-way the gyros will start immediately and the delay becomes negligible when you do take the picture. Hope I'm not confusing you too much...